The Dress

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2012 at 9:02 am

The other day I finished sewing my first dress and was excited to wear it to work. Somehow I thought it would make my whole day better; much like the way we think that Starbucks latte is critical to a paper being written or a new outfit will help us at that job interview.

I wore my dress. I got compliments from my co-workers. I felt artistically accomlished…and then I was hastily reminded that dress or no dress I was still a social worker and life is serious no matter what you are wearing.

One of my clients showed up for our therapy session suicidal, so me and my dress spent the next three hours assessing and ultimately hospitalizing this client…with much support from Jesus and my awesome co-workers.

It was not my first time doing it, but it is never pleasant.

To help shake it off Phil took me and my dress out to eat. We had a good time. Lots of laughs, good food, and prayers and preparation for the upcoming soccer season with the Bensley Cornerstone kids.

Welcome to the world dress. Today was an interesting day, but I was thankful for you being a part of it.



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