Happy Thursday

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Today is a good day. A shining day in what has been a long and traumatic week.
Today I woke up early, went to my favorite spot for breakfast, chai and cookies, and then did not go to work.

For my own enjoyment I will repeat that I did not go to work.

Instead I headed across town to a Holiday Inn for a training on using art therapy for people who are grieving. It was a great training, filled with all sorts of art interventions that I cannot wait to use with my clients (And may you be forewarned that if I run into you in person over the next few days I may talk to you about the chemical makeup of tears and why it is so important to cry.)


It was a smaller group training than I am used to, but I enjoyed the intimacy of it. Even better is that I went with several co-workers whom I greatly enjoy. We went to get Mexican food on our break and resisted the waiter’s suggestion that we get margaritas with our food.

My co-worker Kate and I were not quite as reserved after the training. We headed to a mutual favorite, Garnetts, to enjoy their fantastic happy hour, Kate’s birthday, and life in general. We talked work, food, family, hobbies, and the ever maddening Virginia legislature. It was a great time.
Since it was actually hot in RVA today we skipped the red wine and went for a cool white. Naturally we supplemented this massive amounts of carbs.

After our snack we walked around the park across the street, petted other people’s dogs, and laughed at my feet that had swollen in the heat. Kate eventually left, and I settled down into the grass to enjoy all the beauty.

The warm sunshine and breeze was so relaxing that I soon felt myself dosing off. I could have resisted, but I did not.

And sometimes that makes all the difference.


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