Happy Fridays

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Phillip is cool. He is perhaps the coolest person I know. He is full of great ideas that often take me surprise, not because he had then but surprise at how often he has such great ideas.

Before I go farther I should probably also include that Phillip and I are celebrators. We love celebrating life, people, God, food, (insert celebratory worthy subject here) as often as possible. So yeah any chance to celebrate something and we will be all over it.

Well one of Phillip’s many awesome ideas came about this past February. He decided that we should do more to celebrate Fridays, since they represent the end of our work week. As he is completely fluent in the Brock love language he decided that we should celebrate with food and time. So for for the past two months we have woken up early on Fridays and prepared a large breakfast to enjoy together…sometimes over a book of common prayer, sometimes over sports center.

There is almost always eggs (normally scrambled with some veggies), sometimes pancakes, and always hashbrowns.

Needless to say this new tradition has made Fridays, and honestly life in general, more special.



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