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There is one thing in life that disappoints me above all else.

To put it simply, it is my individual fallen humanity. It is my persistent belief that, while not spoken aloud, is proclaimed all too often through my daily actions and choices. A sinful pride that reaches out and tries to become the grand storyteller. The master of my fate. The most pathetic thing I will ever be. That part of me that rejects that God is good, the best good. That God is ENOUGH good.

Lord have mercy.


This Is Whole Other Country

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There are some things you do in life less because you want to do them…and more because you love the people who are going and want to spend time with them.

Case in point, the Southern Women’s Show (which was held at the Richmond Raceway and was about as close to Nascar as I can take) :



So Far…

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So far this week we’ve hung out with this cute little elephant…


Eaten a lot of carbs in vodka sauce…


Led a few soccer practices…


Hit happy hour at Stellas for small plates and a great time with friends…



And it only gets better because the weekend is here and with it comes a soccer game, brunch with new friends, dinner with a best friend back in town, Easter celebrations, and family time.

Hope your week has been just as lovely!

This Guy

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Not only is this guy kind, smart and handsome…


He is also now employed. He had a second interview on Wednesday, and got the call with the good news that afternoon. I personally like to think that the tie I made him helped 🙂

Soccer in the Rain

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For the first time in four years Phillip and I had to miss the Monument Ave 10K…the Bensley tigers had their first game of the season, and with a shortage of coaches anyways there was no way we could miss it.

As much as we enjoy the 10K tradition, our Saturday with the Bensley tigers was great and worth missing the 10K for. We won!…and we got in quite a few laughs along the way.

Favorite line of the day: “So you’re coach Phillip’s wife right?” “Yes, I am.” “Ohh I thought you were his daughter.”…