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My day just got better in two ways:

1. I picked up my favorite egg sandwich on the way to work.

2. While eating said sandwich I saw that the Supreme Court upheld most of the Health Care Law!



Father’s Day.

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This is about a week late. But can I just say that I love to date this guy…



and that he is going to make a great father.

Me and this baby just know it.

Pregnancy brain.

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Today on the way home I locked my keys in my car. The upside- I was holding the pizza I had just picked up for Phillip and I. The downside- no spare key and we were supposed to be leaving for North Carolina to visit with my grandmother for the weekend.

Ohhh well, what can one do. In my case I am reflecting on how much I miss this:


One day I will sound like one of “those” parents when I admit to this child that during pregnancy I craved fruit and wine. I mean wine is fruit juice right?

Him II.

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This birthday guy has the best laugh. You know you are a good friend of Phil’s when you have heard him laugh…because the thing is that it does not happen often. It takes a lot to make him laugh, but when he does it makes my soul smile.

And when I am the one to make him laugh? It is one of the best feelings in the world.

I look forward to years and years of hearing you laugh…and hopefully making you laugh from time to time.

Happy Birthday Habibi!


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It is my beloved’s birthday this week. And in honor of it I will be writing several posts about/to him…especially since he is one of the give or take five people who actually read this blog…ha.

On to him-

Phillip I am so impressed with how well you have turned out. The more I get to know you and learn about the choices you have made so far in your life, I feel so proud and honored to be your partner. You are unique, gentle, strong, loving, and comfortable in who you are. In terms of your character and personality you are the loudest, quiet person of grace I know. Those of us who are blessed to know you well would probably agree that though quiet in many ways, you live your life in such a manner that is loud and emphatic in all the important ways…and you do it with such grace to make the rest of us feel safe to be challenged by who you are and all you offer.

For you offer so much dear.

And that is just one of the many reasons I am thankful to lay my head beside your at the end of each day.

For The Record

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Phillip and I are having a baby!


For my own acceptance and excitement it bears repeating-

We’re having a baby! We’re having a baby?

A baby!

Holy shit.

(Also must get all my cursing out now since I won’t be cursing in front of the aforementioned baby)