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I am currently a week away from my third trimester!?! How that happened I do not know…well, not quite….

In other news my vagina has officially disappeared. Well it has in terms of I can no longer see it without use of a secondary object. No worries though, trusted sources assure me it is still there.

Also pregnancy has given me dandruff. Pregnancy, or my not washing my hair for four days last week…probably pregnancy.


On a serious note is anyone else tired of waking up to news that someone new has pulled out a gun(s) and killed several people?

Two things:
1. We need a lot more of Jesus in this country.
2. Assert your 2nd ammendment rights and beliefs all you want, but do not try to convince us that guns save lives. That is the biggest lie that provides no solution to all those who have died, or their families that mourn them. It also does not change the fact that I will still have to show up to work on Tuesday to work with traumatized children, half of whose trauma experiences involve guns.

Is it an issue within our hearts that leads us to murder? Yes, most certainly. However it would much harder to act on such murderous feelings we did not have access to hand guns and assault rifles.

So yes, keep buying your guns if you must…But I would invite you to come spend a day with me as I work with a ten year old who now goes to the bathroom on himself daily and nightly, and has panic attacks like nobody’s business following his brother being shot and killed, and his being held up at gunpoint a few months later…or the other kid who is struggling to deal with their sister being shot…or the other kid with explosive behaviors since seeing his dad put a gun to his mother’s head one to many times…or the kid….

For me personally my right to bear arms is not worth the trauma others go through because of mans’ brokeness and easy access to guns.


Wow this post really had two personalities.

I pray we all have a peaceful night. Show as much love as possible…our world needs it.

  1. I love you. Thank you for writing this. I needed it.

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