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Things that have been awesome:

– Spending the holiday with my best friend.

– Chai tea lattes.

– Quiet morning prayer time.

– Sitting on my birth ball when my low back and girl parts hurt.

– Washing all my son’s little clothes and arranging all his cute cloth diapers. 

– Having my midwife congratulate me on my “beautiful and bony ankles”…only during pregnancy folks. 

– Long walks with Phillip and solo walks.

– Phone conversations with my grandmother and sister.

– Eating molasses cookies like its my job yesterday.

– The baby showers and blessingway given to me by great family and friends. 

– Feeling free to have lots of impromptu guilt-free dates with Phillip since we won’t be able to do that so easily soon. 

Things that have sucked:

– How bad my low back and girl parts have started to hurt in the past two weeks.

– The continuing conflict between Israel and Gaza. I am so sick of the media coverage of it and the way we ignore the huge injustices happening on both sides, but especially for the people of Gaza.

– Still living at my in-laws house instead of my house.

– Attending a church where I find myself disagreeing more and more with what I hear preached from the pulpit…still confused and praying through this one. 

Overall I feel blessed that the highs outweigh the lows.

I hope it is the same for you my friends.


Dear boy.

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Dear soon-to-be-born son,

Yesterday we elected our President for the next four years. Your first President. I am proud to say that I was a part of electing Barack Obama to his second term in office. While there are more reasons and intricacies than I will get into here; let me give you a brief overview of why I made the choice I did.

I voted for Obama because I believe that he will have a much better perspective on what our lives look like than a man who his as rich as his opponent. I voted for Obama because one day if you choose a job in manufacturing I want you to be able to join a union and have it protect and advocate for your worker rights. I voted for Obama in hope that in your twenties your friends from high school will not be coming home with PTSD after several tours of duty in Iran. I voted for Obama so that you will have a better shot at affording college, and so that your parents will have a better shot at paying back their student loans and saving for your college. I voted for Obama because I believe that the disestablishment of religion in America is what has greatly contributed to its continued influence in the lives of many Americans, including yours…and I do not want to see it chipped away at as some try to bring their form of Christianity into the uniform code for all. I voted for Obama because you will be raised around immigrants who one day I hope you will be able to vote alongside. I voted for Obama because I do not believe in trickle-down economics, and I do not think they will be of any great benefit to you. I voted for Obama because I believe that I should be able to spend more than 12 weeks on maternity leave with you, and that I should not be penalized for taking that amount of time as it is. I voted for Obama because one day you and your wife will be young, in love, and probably poor and having free birth control will be important to you. I voted for Obama so that your future wife will be paid the same amount as you for equal work. I voted for Obama so that we can continue exploring ways to be more compassionate to the poor in our country and beyond because those people are your neighbors dear. I voted for Obama because civil rights are important and right now there are whole groups of people in this country not allowed to get married if they want to. I voted for Obama because some of your friends growing up will probably be raised solely by their mothers, and they deserve better child welfare laws that protect them and their mothers by ensuring better child support. I voted for Obama so that more precious unborn babies like yourself can be born in the future as we strengthen our economy and family health policies so that it is not as hard or intimidating to bring a new life into this world for many moms.

I also voted for Obama because I simply like the guy. More importantly I felt like it was the best I could give you in a President.

Most importantly I prayed about it and felt that this was the best decision for us.

Make no mistake the President is not our end-all, be-all, or savior. We only have one of those. America is not even truly our home…

We are just passing through my dear; and along this journey I just happened to vote for your first President the other day.