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Tonight thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law Philip and I enjoyed a date night.
After finally got Samuel down I quickly threw on a dress that I could not breast feed in, gave Hannah more instructions than she probably needed, and then literally ran out the door giggling in excitement.
Phillip is my partner and love. We had a wonderful night, but were just as giddy excited to return home to our little guy.

Because that is just how it works now.

It’s exhausting, but we love it and it makes times like tonight even more special to me.



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I can’t believe this kid is seven months old!




I jumped into the world of parenting books for the first time this week. I’m reading “Spirit-Led Parenting” and have really enjoyed the little I have read thus far. The premise is about choosing to follow God and your god-given intuition in parenting versus operating from a place of fear. I need this and can’t wait to delve deeper in.

Guys and gals am I really talking about parenting books?!

Things sure are different around here…

Especially if you count the fact that I currently have an baby who is fast asleep, in my lap, sucking on my boob, as I type this.

On that note, goodnight.

Go under the Mercy.

Blue skies

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We headed to the Bay over the holiday weekend. It was a great time filled with watching Samuel discover something new, eating good food, drinking wine and perhaps a little watermelon moonshine, and going to bed each night by 9:30 because babies at the beach are for realz exhausting…