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Being pregnant is hard, labor is hard, and having a newborn is hard…but all of these things share one amazing fact: you have no period.
Sadly that time of life has come to an end and well this basically sucks. When I opened my fertility charting app today under notes I wrote “crampy”. What did not get included, but is very much a part of my life is “last night i almost cried because I love my kid so much, five minutes later i almost cried because I felt so suffocated and exhausted by my kid, five minutes after that I threatened to call the county health inspector when the restaurant we were eating at told me all of the high seat chair straps were broken, five minutes after that I turned down ice cream because I am eating healthier, less than 24 hours later I bought a large canister of sea salt caramels”.
You get the idea…
Pictures to cheer us all up:





1. Samuel loves spending time with great grandma!
2. All packed and ready to go.
3. Eat your greens.
4. Happened upon this gem in my grandmother’s church.


On a more serious note lets all be praying for Syria. The people there need peace so badly, but I truly doubt that our warships and bombs can give it to them.