The office.

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2014 at 11:26 pm

Since moving into our home our office has been rearranged more than any other room. It held all our junk and unpacked boxes for months. We then cleared everything out and got it organized. Within two weeks we started to store junk in there again. We organized again. Put up some pictures, and arranged the books by category. We moved a couch in…and then moved it out…repeat. Boxes of junk re-appeared. Boxes of junk were slowly dealt with, and a trip was made to the Goodwill.
We’ve decided to store all our sports equipment in the office. We’ve decided to make it a yoga oasis. The sports and yoga equipment is now in a cabinet on the porch. We’ve moved a bike into the office. I’ve taken some of the plants out. More junk has appeared, and then been dealt with. The office is filled with things I love, things I wish I had more time for, things I don’t really want to have to deal with, things I dream about, and projects I hope to complete.
The office holds pictures of my dear family and friends. They started out in albums and have now been moved to picture boxes. There are several max boxes lying around no matter how many times I put them somewhere else. The floor always has some dirt on it.
Currently a new table has been added which allows the printer to no longer sit on the floor. A tall glass of wine now sits on said table with the printer.

Phil and I go back in forth about the office and either bemoan how we have such high expectations for it, but sometimes neither the time, energy, or motivation to make it all that it can be; or we get it clean, turn on the twinkle lights and feel like it is a magical place filled with the possibility of so much good to come.

Our office is basically the story of our lives.


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